Welcome to the wonderful world of a literary adventuress


      At heart I've always been a treasure hunter.  I'm always dreaming of finding something rare, even obscure, something neglected, unappreciated yet timelessly precious. 

      My treasure hunting enriches a life dominated by two forces.  The first is a slow-burning, quiet form of wanderlust.  I've lived all over the world - Australia, North America, England, France, Ireland, the Caribbean and thirteen wonderful years in Dubai - and traveled even further. 

      The second force that rules my life is my love of literature.  I'm a wildly eclectic reader (a form of wanderlust in itself), I love to write and I'm fascinated by the ancient traditions of storytelling. 

     So the treasures I seek are intangible.  They are not souvenirs to be squeezed into a suitcase but glimpses into the secrets of foreign lands, fragments of history, custom and culture which once discovered often inspire stories of my own.  No doubt I'd get more writing done if only the world that beckons so enticingly from beyond the very edge of my desk was not such an intriguing place. 

      This website, home to my blog and story poems, is overflowing with my discoveries.  I hope you enjoy them.