Welcome to the wonderful world of a literary adventuress

Vancouver Fringe Festival 2022 Performer - The Songbird Of Vienna

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      At heart I've always been a treasure hunter.  I'm always dreaming of finding something beautiful but rare, something beautiful but obscure, something neglected, forgotten or unappreciated yet timelessly precious. 

      My treasure hunting enriches a life dominated by two forces.  The first is a slow-burning, quiet form of wanderlust.  I love to travel. The second is my love of literature.  I'm a wildly eclectic reader and I love to write. 

     The treasures I seek in life are intangible.  They are not souvenirs to be squeezed into a suitcase but fleeting moments, breathtaking sights, glimpses into the secrets of foreign lands, fragments of history, custom and culture which once discovered often inspire stories of my own.


      I have the almost unbelievable good fortune to be appearing at the 2022 Vancouver Fringe Festival in September where I will be presenting my story The Songbird of Vienna.  My performance schedule is: 7pm on Sept 8th, 4:45pm on Sept 10th, 3pm on Sept 12th, 10:15pm on Sept 13th, 8:45pm on Sept 15th, and 7pm on Sept 17th.  You will find all you need to know on the website of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

      Apart from that big event, my creative efforts can also be found on Bandcamp and Instagram.       


Instagram  Below is a small sample of the travel pictures and tiny poems on my Instagram account which has evolved over time into a delicious and eclectic mix. I post about once a week.